7 Reasons Why 95% New Blogger Fail

7 Reasons Why 95% New Blogger Fail


Blogging is a way to make your passion to profession. Awesome people create blogs to share their amazing idea, methods, experience with people around the world. It is something like converting your passion to your profession. How? Here’s a simple example for you- Imagine you are a Video Marketing expert. You know a lot about video marketing and you believe that you have some best idea which able to help anyone to become successful at Video Marketing sector. Now, you want to share your idea and help people to become a successful Video Marketer. So, you create a blog and start posting awesome ideas, tips about video marketing. If your post brings value to people, people will start visiting your blog site regularly and, in this way, your blog will become popular in a few months. Now after few months, you have a great number of regular visitors of your blog and if now you monetize your blog contents using Ads network or start some paid courses- that will generate you a handsome amount of money every second!

So here the steps that how your passion become a profession-

Before starting a blog, your profession is a Video Marketer and sharing tips about video marketing is your passion or hobby. Because of your passion, you start a blog about video marketing and that blog start making you money! That’s how passion becomes a profession.

Now come to the main point that-

Why 95% New Blogger Fail?

Reason — 1: Lack of Creativity

Without creativity, blogging is not possible. You want to do blogging, but you don’t know how to create new content using your creativity. Now, most of the new blogger just do copy and paste or copy others concept. By doing so, you will not find success in this blogging sector. Actually, not only in the blogging sector but also you will not able to become successful anywhere else using other concepts. Because if you don’t have your own content, if you just copy paste others concept, when people will visit your blog, they will not find any new thing here. So, next time when your blog post will reach them, they will just ignore it because they already know that you don’t have any new staff. That means first visit equal last visit. This is one of the most common reasons why most new bloggers fail!

Reason — 2: Zero Value Content

Before start writing, think first, why can I visit your blog? Or why people browse the blog site? Well, almost 99.99% of people visit the blog or read the blog post to find any information, tips, ideas etc, which means they want something valuable from you. If you write a huge amount of content every day but your content doesn’t bring any valuable information, tips or something which somehow will help your blog visitors then your contents actually worth nothing and you will lose visitors. Nowadays, most of the new bloggers don’t think about their content value or what they actually share with people and that’s the reason why they failed to get people attention and failed!

Reason — 3: Poor Writing Skill

Blogging is something like — share or discusses something using your own words. But always need to remember that, the reader has to understand your word. They have to understand what you want to share with them via this or that post. But if your writing skill is too poor to understand, your blog will fail totally. My writing skill is not good at all, but I believe that by reading my blog post people understand that what I exactly discuss through the post.
So, you don’t need to have crazy writing skill, but you need to have the skill at least which able to helps people to understand your blog post.

Poor writing skill is another reason new blogger fail.

Reason — 4: Irregular Post

You post once every month or once every 15 days and keep praying for success. This will not happen! You need to post regularly and at least need to publish 3/4 quality posts every week. Because blog reader only follows active bloggers and blogs. Even Google give priority to active blog and active blog rank fast at the search engine.
The irregular post is another main reason new blogger fail!

Reason — 5: Giving up quickly

Very few blogger surveys after ending of their first one month as a blogger! Yes, that’s true! Most of the new blogger give up after one-two month. Reason- not getting visitors, not getting feedback from readers, not getting ranked etc.
Actually, giving up is easy but building one network is way too hard. It’s not one or two or even a three-month job! You have to create quality content, do proper SEO and reach your niche related people day by day. That’s how your network will grow.

But what happened? Most of the new blogger just quit blogging after 1-2 month! And that’s the reason they fail.

Reason — 6: Mixed Content

I believe mixed content is one of the biggest reasons why a new blogger fails. When anyone starts a new blog, he/ she not fixed one permanent topic to write. He/ She started writing on several topics. Actually, mixed topic or mixed content will never bring you success. Reason- Mixed contents decrease post engagement and as your blog posts are not a perfect solution for one fixed topic, people will not subscribe to your blog news update. As a result, your permanent visitor number will not increase. If your blog permanent visitor not increase, you not will able to build your network or community. The result, your blog will fail!

So, try to write on the similar topic. Fixed your niche and ignore blogging fail.

Reason — 7: Skipping Post SEO

Write and publish — new blogger does only these two things. But is it enough to become a successful blogger? Surely not. Because blogging success depends on traffic or visitors. The only way to get quality visitors is doing the right SEO for your content which we ignore most when we are very new to blogging.

That’s the seven mains reason a new blogger fails. So, if you want to ignore fail and become successful, just remember these 7 reasons and try to ignore them as much as you can. Hope you will succeed today or tomorrow.

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