Earn $100+ USD Every Day Without Having Any Skill or Investment || Earn Money From Home

No Skill But Want To Earn Money From Online?

You know what? You can earn some extra money from home without having any kind of skills or investments! Yes, that’s true. You can even earn more than 100 USD per day. Today I am talking about “Transcription Job”. Today I will share “Top Five” highest paying and legit Transcription Job Websites with you from which you will able to find some highest paying transcription jobs.

Earn Money Online Without Any Skill

But before starting, what is Transcription Job?

Simply in transcription job, your task is converting Audio/Video into Text or you can say Speech to Text”.

Earn $100+ USD Every Day Without Having Any Skill or Investment

In Transcription Job Websites, basically you need to convert English/ Spanish or Other languages Audio or Video File into text documents and websites pay you hourly based. You can choose any job which listed into the website and complete that job to get paid- simple!

Let’s check out some highest paying and legit Transcription Job Websites:

Highest Paying Transcription Jobs Website

>> GMR Transcription

>> TranscribeMe!

>> DailyTranscription

>> Rev- Freelance Transcription Job

>> verbalink

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a US Based Human Transcription Services. It was founded in 2004. If you only from the US, you able to join GMR Transcription to make some extra bucks. GMR pays you 10$ to 26$ per hour based on the job you are doing and your experience level. You do not need any experience to work on GMR Transcription, but they have a very strict grading policy.

So, if you want to work on GMR Transcription. First, you need to go to GMR Transcription Website. Then you need to click on the Careers Tab. There you will find a Submit Resume Option. After you submit your resume, they will send you a mail with a test file (audio/ video). You need to open that file and then you will need to submit your test work to GMR Transcription team. All direction you will find into the mail that, how you able to submit your transcription test. That’s all. The team will check it and will approve your account. Now you ready to make some really good bucks by doing transcription jobs- awesome. Their lot’s of highest paying jobs available. You really able to make a very good amount of money by doing this home-based job.

Best Online Jobs
Best Online Jobs


No matter where you live in and what you do. You able to earn money by doing transcription jobs at TranscribeMe! It’s international. You able to work from any country and this is one of the best websites who provide you highest paying transcription jobs. If you have a computer and internet connection and ability to transcribe audio/video into high-quality text documents, you are ready to make some great free money from here. No investment or skill is required! Work from home and get paid. They pay you 15 USD to 22 USD per hour, which is one of the highest industry rates! The average income of TranscribeMe! Workers are $250 per month and highest income of TranscribeMe! A worker is $2,200 per month. So, check out TranscribeMe! & start earning from home.


Another good transcription job service. Flexible, you can create your own schedule. Work from anywhere and anytime you want! All assignment come to you and they pay you weekly. They pay higher than anyone! Starting rates $0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute. Top transcriptionist makes anywhere from $250- $950 per week from DailyTranscription. Check out DailyTranscription to earn or know more!


Become a Transcriptionist with Rev, make awesome money from anywhere, anytime you want! Before you able to start earning with Rev, you need to give a grammar and transcription test. They pay you weekly via PayPal. Average earning $245 per month and $1495 highest earning per month from Rev. Check out Rev from here!


Verbalink is one of the oldest transcription service providers. Here you find not only transcription job but also a translation, subtitling jobs and many more. It’s hard to get a chance to work at verbalink. But they pay the highest rate. So, it always awesome to try yourself for a job at verbalink. Check out this link to know details.

Actually, Transcription Job is one of the easiest jobs to earn money from online without having skills! Work from home, anytime.

That’s all for today. Just a little disclaimer- we share this post only for educational purpose. We not affiliated or associated with any of this website. Time, we are writing this post, these sites are paying. We not able to give you guarantee you that, these sites will pay you the lifetime.

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