Exactly What You Need To Learn To Be A Front- End Web Developer?

How To Be A Front End Web Developer

How To Be A Front-End Web Developer?

A smart skill with thousands of offline, online job opportunities – Front- End Web Development. But how to be a Front- End Web Developer? What exactly we need to know in order to become a Front- End Web Developer and Start our carrier as a Front- End Web Developer? Well, this is the most common question asked by thousands of people around the world every month who really want to be a Front- End Web Developer. No worry! In this post, I am going to explain you very details and let you people know step by step, what you need to learn to be a Front- End Web Developer. But before that let’s know, what exactly a Front- End Web Developer do? Or, the building which part of a running website is called Front- End Web Development?

Actually, there a lot’s of things happened behind the screen when a real-world website run online. Few different categories people worked behind to build a real-world website. These steps need to maintain to make and run a real-world website:

  1. Generate Idea.
  2. Collect Contents (images, text, icons, logo, fonts, colors etc.).
  3. Make Sketch/ PSD/ JPEG Document based on the idea which you generate first.
  4. Start coding and develop that Sketch/ PSD/ JPEG document to HTML/ Web document.
  5. Add cool effects and make your website interactive to it visitors.
  6. Develop and make website responsive and mobile friendly.
  7. Develop a website for cross-browser performance.
  8. Develop a website for the CMS platform.
  9. Develop backend of a website- create and manage the database, create or develop a dashboard, manage content, manage server etc.

So, a list of staff. But don’t worry. All these things are not a Front- End Web Developer work!

Step- 1, 2, 3 is for UI/ UX or Web PSD Designer

Step- 4, 5, 6, 7 is for Front-End Developer

Step- 9 is for Back- End Developer.

Step- 8 work actually for Back- End Developer. But if you are a Front- End web developer and want to increase your value, better you learn CMS Development. Because by learning only this single topic, you will able to create a dynamic (a webpage is static when we build it using only HTML, CSS and JS) website.

We explained very details which are pretty boring, but I hope you now understand that what exactly a Front- End Web Developer does.

Now come to the main topic, “What you need to learn to be a Front- End Web Developer?”

To become a complete Front- End Web Developer, you need to learn-

  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Development
  • CSS Preprocessor- SASS
  • CMS Development – WordPress

These are the most demand skills which now a job sector wants from a Front- End Web Developer. You can also learn some JavaScript Frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS and learn Git. This will increase your value and you will get priority on your next Front- End Web Development Job Interview.


HTML and CSS is the first language you need to learn to become a front-end web developer. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and CSS stand for Cascading Style Sheet. HTML used for building the layout/ structure of a website and CSS used for website style, color etc. In short, CSS used to develop a great looking website. Best thing is, by learning only HTML and CSS, you able to develop some basic layout websites!

After learning HTML and CSS next learn CSS grid system. CSS grid system helps you to create a complex layout very easily. CSS grid system also helps you develop a responsive website.

So, your first step- Learn HTML, CSS and CSS Grid Layout.


After learning HTML and CSS, your next step to learn is JavaScript. JavaScript helps you to make your website way more powerful and interactive. JavaScript is a scripting language which let you add a lot of functionality to your websites. Let me give you a very simple example of JavaScript- Think that, you have a button on your website. Now you want, if anyone clicks on that button, a pop-up message will come and show this message “you are awesome!”. – You able to do it using JavaScript. Lots of thing like that you able to do using JavaScript. In a word, JavaScript helps you to add awesome functionality to your website.


jQuery is a lightweight, content-rich, cross-border JavaScript Library- A collection of plugins and extensions that makes developing with JavaScript faster and easier. When you want to add some cool effects to your websites using JavaScript, jQuery make your task easier. Because at jQuery, you find awesome ready-made effects, actions, animations. Just you need to call them when you want to use them on your websites. If you want to build them from very scratch using JS, it will cost you a lot more time. So, using jQuery is saving time.

Bootstrap 4

What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is the most popular front-end web framework. Now to get a job as a front-end web developer, knowing bootstrap is the must. Bootstrap 4 is the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is a pre-made CSS file where we find HTML and CSS based design template for almost every element we used to build a website. By using Bootstrap, you easily able to create a responsive web template. Why do we need to know Bootstrap? If we know bootstrap, it will help us to code fast and create awesome responsive web template very easily. It demands also high in Front-End Web Development job sector.

Responsive Design

So, you complete HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap 4 – your next target is to learn responsive design. Knowing responsive design is very important because people visit a website from the different sized display. Some people visit a website from their mobile, some from the tablet, some from the desktop, laptop, big screen monitor. All these device screen sizes are not the same. So, if our developed website theme is not responsive, in that case, people will have a bad experience when they will visit our website from a different type of device. So, we need to develop and make our website friendly for every type display and that’s called responsive design.

Cross Browser Development

Another important thing. Brower becomes modern and updated daily. But still there some lack. Sometimes browser like Microsoft EDGE, Safari, UC not support some CSS property, animations, JS property. So, in that case, we need to make them supported by using cross-browser development methods. But it is not a very hard task. You able to learn it within 15- 45 minutes.

CSS Preprocessor

Not mandatory but learning CSS preprocessor will speed up your work and make your customization job flexible and easier. CSS preprocessor adds an extra level to your CSS coding skill. Nowadays CSS Preprocessor SASS is the most wanted skill in the job sector.

After learning all these things HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Responsive and Cross-Browser Development- you already a front-end web developer no doubt. But to get extra care when you drop your CV for a Front-End Web Development Job knowing WordPress Theme Development and 2 JavaScript Framework AngularJS, ReactJS will be awesome.

Last Word

So, that’s all. I hope you enjoy this post. If you have any correction or suggestion, drop a line on the comment section and I will highly appreciate it.


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