How To Make Money Online Fast

How to make money online fast as a beginner?

Over 18000 people every month search online that- “How to make money online fast“. Maybe you also search by writing this and that’s why you are on my website now. Isn’t it’s true? I know it is true. Okay, come to the main point. in this post, I am going to share with you some crazy real way which will help you to make money online fast! Really?- Let’s jump in.

The truth is, making money from online is not easy at all if you are a beginner. You need to do hard work, you need to build a platform day by day, need to build your audience- that’s not easy at all. I am not telling you this for demotivating you. But it is the truth actually. But after building your platform, audiences it is really super easy to make hundreds of dollar every day from online.

So, as a beginner, if you really want to make money from online fast then you need to follow these steps properly:

  1. Research and find out the best platform/ niche/ topic for you
  2. Work hard and Try to build your audience based on that platform/ niche.
  3. Work regularly.
  4. Improve your content day by day.
  5. Make money and enjoy life.

Research and find out the best platform/ niche/ topic for you


This is the very fast step for you. Do some research online and find out your favorite platform or topic in which you think that you are good to make content based on that topic. Because if you chose one topic in which you don’t have any idea, this will become so hard for you to make quality content based on that niche. Find out the best platform or niche or topic which perfect for you to move on.

Work hard and Try to build your audience based on that platform/ niche

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After finding out a perfect niche for you, our second step is building your audience based on that niche/ platform/ topic. So, how to build the audience?- Well. Lot’s of social media platform available for you like- facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Create your profile on these different social media platforms. After creating your profile, the best way to build your profile on any of these platforms is, follow your niche related people, like their post, they will follow you back. Same time, post something awesome, something unique and be active. Honestly, you will get a lot of followers in very few days.

Best way to build your audience is combining two, three platform together. Don’t understand? Wait, let me explain to you. Think that right now you build your social media platform based on food topic. So, you start following people who love to know and share different food things. Same time you open a blog or website and start writing about different food things or open a YouTube channel and start making videos about different food things and then share them with your social media audience. Believe me, this will help you to build your audience at 3x speed. Because same time, you are building your social media platforms and your blog or YouTube channel.

Work regularly


Work regular basic is very very important to become successful. Yes, because if you work regularly, you will able to make lots of content then just working two or three days a week. When your content increase, your audience also will increase and you know what, the audience love regular work from their favorite creators. “Work Regularly” is the only key to become successful fast. No other way available.

Improve your content day by day


When you working regularly, your next thing needs to do is, find out what your audience love most. So how to do that?- Well, check out engagement on your every post. Check out which post got most likes, comments, share. The post which got the most likes and share and positive feedback on comments, surely that content liked most by your audience. Try to make that type of content regularly and the post which got less like, try to ignore that type of post. This will help you to improve your content quality day by day.

Make money and enjoy life

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Now, this is the main step. Now I am going to tell you that how you able to make money online fast. If you already follow that four steps which I discuss above your money are already on the way to your pocket. Now you just need to convert your audience to a paid audience. How? the best way, using your audience, start affiliate marketing. Check out best affiliate offer from the website like Amazon, Ali Express, eBay, GoDaddy etc and find out products based on your niche. Share that product affiliate link with your audience. If any of your audience buy something using your link, you easily will get a handsome amount of money from them as your affiliate commission.

Next, if you already start making videos based on the niche which you find out in the first step, share affiliate product link on your YouTube video description. That will increase your sell.

If you already start your blog or website also based on your niche then share affiliate link on your website too. It will convert your website visitors to the money-making machine. Also, apply for Google Adsense and Media Net Yahoo Ads and monetize your website traffic. That will increase earning every single day.

Last Line

Now some of you going to tell me that, how is it the way to make money online fast as a beginner?- Believe me, this is the only fast way. Well, building audience will take some time but after you build it, making a handsome amount of money is not going to be hard for you. Because every affiliate sale will make you more than 5 to 200 USD per sale easily and when you creating content regularly, your audience range going to be insane after 5 to 12 month. Just think that how much money you able to earn that time. Isn’t it the best way to make money from online fast? Let me know your thinking by dropping your comment.


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