Most Expensive Android Apps

Today we are going to show you the Top Six Most Expensive Android Apps which we found at the Google Play Store. Most of this App cost you more than 399 USD but they actually not worth a penny as well. If you not crazy and if you don’t want to waste your money, then please not buy these apps. By the way, enjoy our post and know about the top six most expensive valueless android apps.

Most Expensive Android Apps on Google Play Store

  • I am rich- 399.99 USD
  • I AM RICH- 399.99 USD
  • World Most Expensive Smoke- 399.99 USD
  • The Most Expensive Fidget Spinner- 399.99 USD
  • I am King – For richest, The luxury app, for kings- 379.99 USD
  • I Am Rich (Most Expensive App)- 394.99 USD

I am rich By Harsh S

Most Expensive App

This App will cost you 399.99 USD. It is one of the most expensive apps which you will find in the Google Play Store. This apps just made with 2 simple wallpaper. App has no extra functionality. Nothing else you able to do with this. But if you crazy and want to show your friends that, you buy most expensive apps from Google Play Store then you can buy it- LOL. Total 100,000+ install this app and 3.8 average rating. At the description of this app, creator says to it users that- *This app does not have any function but just acts as a symbol that you are rich*

I AM RICH By MakeFun

Most Expensive Apps
Most Expensive App

Another expensive app. No functionality, this app value is ZERO but it will charge you 399.99 USD if you want to install this app. This app made with one simple picture where you will find this text- “I’m rich“. Total 10,000+ install this app and 3.9 average rating.

World Most Expensive Smoke By Opulent Team

Most Expensive App
Most Expensive App

This app also cost 399.99 USD. This app made with some very simple picture in which pictures you will see cigarette smoke. That’s it. Over 500+ crazy people install this app and 3.8 average rating.

The Most Expensive Fidget Spinner By MBG Studio

Most Expensive App
Most Expensive App

App price- 399.99 USD. Made with three picture of Spinner. No functionality. 50+people install this and no rating.

I am King – For richest, The luxury app, for kings

Most Expensive App
Most Expensive App

Another stupid App- Cost 379.99 USD. If you install this app and if anyone asks you the reason why you install this app then just tell them that – you are stupid LOL! Total 1,000+ install this app and 3.8 average rating.

I Am Rich (Most Expensive App) by JC-Games

Most Expensive App
Most Expensive App

Nothing Special. Another Worthless Expensive App. Cost 394.99 USD. 10+ people install this.


That’s all for today. Don’t buy these crazy apps if you don’t want to waste your money. Have fun and want to know more stupid things like this? Please bookmark us. Awesome!- See you in next post.

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