AKA TikTok Mastermind || The Beginning || Part One

Before Dive Into Deep

What makes Musically so famous? How they become so popular in a very short time period? Why people love it so much? What are the reasons? How many people around the world using Musically every day? How Musically started? Who behind it? Why Musically and TikTok get mixed together in One?

Okay alright! Maybe curious people like me sometimes want to know all these things or maybe more! That’s why I start my First Mastermind Season – Musically AKA TikTok Mastermind. During this whole season, I will dig as deeper as I can to find out all unknown things about Musically AKA Tiktok and I hope you will like it! Mastermind – The Beginning History

This is our very first episode of this mastermind season. In this episode, we will cover “The Beginning History of TikTok and Musically”.

Table of Content:

  • Beginning History of Musically
  • Beginning History of Tiktok

Beginning History of

Musically was founded by two Chinese friends Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang. Both have years of previous experience in the tech world.

Alex (Jun) Zhu is the Co-Founder of famous Before become famous, Alex Zhu worked at Microsoft as Principal Creative Director. He also worked at SAP as User Experience Architect (Jan 2011- April 2015), at Cicada Education as Inventor and Cofounder (Feb 2013- Dec 2013), at eBao as Director of Product Management (Jul 2009- Nov 2010) and so on.

Luyu Yang is the Co-founder & Co-CEO of Before become famous, Luyu Yang worked at Snowbird Consulting as Co-founder, at eBaoTech Corporation as Product Management Director and so on.

The first prototype of was released in April 2014, and the official version was launched in August 2014 as well. In the beginning, the team launches the app in both the Chinese and American markets but sooner it got popularity among American Teenager. So, them team decide to locked American markets as their main focus. Sooner it got some loyal users who start loving this app and start using it hugely. user number hits millions in July 2015.

That’s how the journey of was started!

Beginning History of TikTok

TikTok, another Chinese Developer Creation. TikTok was developed by¬†ByteDance which is a Chinese Internet Technology based developer group or company. In China TikTok also known as “Douyin”. ByteDance Company launched TikTok in September 2016. After nearly one year of releasing it started to expand in the Indonesian Market. At the beginning of 2018, on 23 January 2018, TikTok ranked Number One among free mobile app downloads on app stores in Thailand.

That’s all juicy beginning history of TikTok. Actually, TikTok becomes more popular after they merge with¬†

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